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Huntsville Tree Service the company that is conscious about the potential dangers in the industry. As the mortality rate in tree service grows each year, the world of tree care is becoming an increasingly dangerous place. The problem is, chainsaw and climbing gear is sold to anyone with a credit card so just about anyone and their brother can now claim themselves to be a tree company. There is no regulation at this point in time. 

It is a growing problem in this industry, as Tree Service now ranks #2 in the US next to crab fishing for the most dangerous jobs. There is a definite lack of awareness and education for homeowners and the industry itself.

When you are 100 ft in the air and taking out big limbs that weight hundreds of pounds and that branch is over hanging a roof, there is a lot that can go wrong in devastating fashion. 

We feel sense of duty to fulfill in Huntsville as the premiere tree service company with over 25 years experience.

We want to set the standard for how tree removal & trimming is supposed to be done. And provide homeowners, a service that they can feel good and at ease about. 

Safety is #1 importance for us and it has been for the last 25 years. 

We are very honest with our quotes and will let you know exactly what approach we will take and why.

If a tree requires a crane removal to ensure safety, that’s what we will do. 

What we can guarantee is that we know all the skills and equipment required to handle any job in a safe manner. We don’t take chances even for a little bit.

This level of respect for each job has come from years of running our crew and taking on many different types of jobs, what we can say remains constant in tree service is that nothing ever remains the same. Every job is different and unique, because every tree is alive and is in different condition than the last.

A tree can have diseased & weak spots that may not be apparent from the outside, a tree can be uprooted and leaning on power lines or buildings and one has to carefully rope each limb out… let us not even get started with heavy storm damages…

Yes we have tremendous respect for the dangers of this job and we take each project very seriously. 

Our crew is trained in the latest safety regulation set by the ISA & National Arborist Society.

Our goal is simple: To get the job done safely

Let us show you how a true expert handles his tree business, at affordable prices as well.

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