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Tree Stump Grinding & Removal in Huntsville, Alabama


If a tree has fallen or has been removed from your residential or commercial property, that’s not always the end of the story.  Home and business owners are still often left with the stump to deal with.  Removing a tree stump can sometimes be trickier than safely cutting down the other portion of the tree.  At Huntsville Tree Service, we offer both services and we are good at what we do.  Here are five reasons why we are your best choice for Huntsville, AL tree stump removal & grinding

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We Remove Stumps Quickly 

Huntsville Tree Service has been serving the area for well over two decades now.  The hard work we have put into the industry for the last 25 years now has given us the experience needed to take on any job.  There is no tree stump removal in Huntsville, AL that we can’t do.  Our expertise and training allow us to remove stumps faster than the competition because there aren’t many scenarios we haven’t dealt with in the past.

We Have All the Necessary Equipment 

We leave improvisation to our competitors.  Our business is fully equipped to handle tree stumps of any size, any wood type in any soil conditions that tree stumps removed in Huntsville, AL would require.  All of our employees have been properly trained to handle any tool necessary to do the job, from heavy machinery to hand tools such as saws.  Safety is an overriding priority for our business, which means always using the proper tools for the job.
















Stump Grinding 

We also offer tree stump grinding in Huntsville, AL.  Stump grinding is a tree stump removal process where rather than digging up the stump, roots and all, the stump is ground down to just below ground level.  This procedure is often more affordable because it is less labor intensive.  However, if the area where the tree stood is to be developed further, sometimes leaving the root system below ground is not a viable option.

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Package Deals 

We also offer special pricing for multiple services, including having Huntsville, AL tree stumps removed.  If you are also using our business to have a tree removal or need more than one tree stump removed, we will adjust our rates to save our customers some cash money.

If you or your commercial business own multiple properties which need tree service in Huntsville, AL we can also accommodate you with a package deal.

Free Estimates 

As with any of our services, we offer free estimates on any stump removal or stump grinding jobs.  We are unable to provide rates through our website because pricing is based on many factors including wood type, soil conditions, stump diameter and other terrain conditions which makes each job unique.  Call today to have one of our arborists visit your property for a free quote with no obligation to

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