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Tree Trimming Cutting & Pruning in Huntsville, Alabama

Tree maintenance is important when you are taking care of a residential or commercial property.  Trees that are regularly maintained will be healthier, safer and look more pleasing to the eye than trees that are left to grow in their wild state.  At Huntsville Tree Service, our arborists provide expert work specializing in difficult tree cutting, trimming and pruning in Huntsville, AL Madison, Decatur, Athens & rest of Limestone & Madison County.  Here are five things to know about the tree cutter, trimmer services we offer.
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Tree Cutting Can Reduce Hazards
 Tree cut service in Huntsville, AL is necessary sometimes because dead or weak limbs create hazardous conditions.  A strong wind can take these branches down at any time, which put anything or anybody below them in danger.  If you are worried about the possibility of a dead, damaged or unbalanced limb coming down, give us a call and one of our representatives can help you figure out the best course of action for free.
















Curtail the Spread of Disease
Huntsville Tree Trimmer service is sometimes necessary when a tree has become infected with a disease such as Dutch Elm Disease or if it has been afflicted by a parasite such as the ash borer.  It is possible that a tree can be saved by removing infected branches.  Removing infected limbs also promotes safety because these weakened structures are much more prone to fail and cause damage to any person or property below.  Call today to schedule a checkup with one of our tree doctors.
 Pruning Makes Trees Grow Stronger
 When it comes to tree pruning in Huntsville, AL the general rule is that it is best to start when a tree is very young.  Pruning helps guide the growth of a tree, setting it up for a strong branch structure and healthy foliage when it arrives at adulthood.  When a tree is left to grow in its wild state, branches can grow with weak spots or unbalanced structures that are prone to fail when they reach a larger size.  Our arborists have the training and experience necessary to keep your trees growing safe, healthy and beautiful.


Tree Trimming Prevents Emergency Cutting and Removal
 Scheduled maintenance performed by our arborists greatly reduces the risk of branch or trunk failure after storms and other damaging weather.  Tree trims eliminates weak or dead branches, as well as unbalanced tree structures, that are prone to fall during strong winds.  A pruning regimen can also help increase airflow in a tree which makes it less susceptible to damaging winds.  We can help save you from the cost and inconvenience of an emergency tree cleanup or emergency tree removal with one quick visit.
Your Trees Will Be More Beautiful
 Last but not least, Huntsville, AL tree cutting, trimming and pruning will keep your trees looking great.  Our arborists can help you achieve the thick, uniform foliage you imagine in a perfect tree.  With regularly scheduled pruning, we can even give the most common trees in Huntsville an ornamental appearance.
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