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 is the premiere tree removal, trimming, cutting & stump removal company of Huntsville Alabama & Madison, Athens, Decatur. We are in this business to build long term relationship with our customers through good dependable honest work. We are hard working & ethical company that is fully licensed & insured with great level of experience & skills. Our goal is simple, total domination of the hearts of everyone that we serve. 

Some love fast cars, walks on the beach or traveling the world…

For us its trees all the way. 

We also own and operate Top Notch Tree Service, which also has excellent Google reviews.

Tree climbing & handling challenging tree removal is a specialized skill that takes years to develop, requiring the highest level of mental & physical abilities.

At the highest levels it becomes almost an art form.

A tree that takes only couple hours to remove by a true master could take few days and extra equipment by another company. Thus going with the top skilled Huntsville Tree company like us can actually save you time & money.

We have over 25 years experience in Tree Removal & Trimming in Huntsville, Al with licensed & insured master tree climbers & certified arborists. We give Honest, Free Quotes & Fair prices, and pride ourselves in long term relationship with clients.

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Client Testimonials

“Fantastic experience with Huntsville Tree Service, They took down a big tree that was right next to the house with very little clearance, the owner walked us through exact process and we felt reassured & comfortable the whole time, they were very good.”

John Arthur

Huntsville, AL

“This is our go to tree care company, they always give us the best rates whenever we need some tree work done, they are friendly & down to earth people that we can trust. They removed big trees from our yard and also saved a few trees from disease, highly recommend this company” 

Jen Bowers

Madison, AL

“We had an awful storm come in and up rooted some of the trees and they were leaning up against the house and power lines. We were very nervous about hiring just any company because any accident during removal could cause severe damage to the house, fortunately for us we found Huntsville Tree Service owner and staff to be very reassuring in the way they walked us through the exact steps to remove the tree and their expertise in the matter gave us peace of mind. Needless to say, they did a fantastic job and we couldn’t be happier to have picked a great company, THANK YOU” 

Joanna Brandt

Huntsville, AL

6 Things You Need To Know About Huntsville Tree Service

Maybe you are a first time customer with an emergency tree removal situation needing expert tree surgeon work. Or maybe you are just looking for another option because you are dissatisfied with the work of other arborists in the Huntsville, AL area.

Whatever the reason is that has brought you to this website, before you leave we would like you to know the six main reasons that Huntsville Tree Service has stood head and shoulders above other tree services for over two decades now. Join the ranks of our happy clientele today!

Homeowners and commercial businesses alike have enjoyed our services for over twenty five years now. Huntsville Tree Service has found success in the tree maintenance industry by providing reliable service at competitive prices.

25 Years Experience in Arbor Care

Huntsville Tree Service has flourished in the industry for over twenty five years now. Over time, our business has aged like a fine wine- Becoming more skilled each & every year and investing in big equipment that allows us to get the job done faster.

Not only have we thrived while serving the Huntsville, AL area, we consider ourselves the best. Our not-so-secret formula of doing the highest quality work with emphasis on safety while keeping our prices competitive has made our business great for customers for many years.

Free Estimates

Call today to have one of our licensed representatives can come out to your property and give you a free estimate. There are no jobs too big or too small, whether it’s tree trimming, stump removal, pruning apples trees or an emergency tree removal service, we do it all.

Please bear in mind that there is no set price guide for some of our services. For example, a tree removal quote will depend on the height and condition of the tree, the type of wood, clearance and many other factors. We can only guarantee that our professional representative will give you a fair, competitive price for only the services you want with no obligation to buy.

Safe, Licensed and Insured

At our business we consider our employees to be family so safety is an overriding priority for us. Our professional teams show up to every job, no matter what size, with all of the proper safety equipment and only use tools that are in proper working order.

All of our associates have been properly trained to operate everything from pruning shears to a stump grinder with the ISA national standards. We follow all industry guidelines in our work and in some cases go above and beyond code to make sure our employees work safely in a hazard-free environment.

Available For Emergencies

When storms or other disasters cause tree-related emergencies in the Huntsville, Alabama area, we always adjust our schedule to accommodate those in need of emergency tree service.

Whether it’s an uprooted tree or a fallen branch, we will arrive quickly and remove any hazards, eyesores or inconveniences without any further danger to person or property.

Strong Repeat Customer Base

We go the the extra mile with every job, because our goal is to leave a strong impression of our professionalism so we can be your go-to Huntsville tree care company for years to come.

We impress our customers with great prices, fast skilled tree removals & always cleaning up after ourselves so your yard is left immaculate after we leave. We show up to job site with smiles on our faces, because we love what we do, & we want to please our community by showcasing our skills & expertise. We are local favorites and get tons of word of mouth referrals.

Fast & Reliable Service

In 25 years of successful tree service business, we have had time to invest in some really nice equipment that allows us to get the job done easier, safer & faster. We also pay top dollar to hire the best tree climbers in Huntsville so when we take on jobs its a whole different ball game from a small tree care company that just started.

We set the standard high for what is expected in tree service from difficult removals to maintaining top safety regulations, we excel in all arena. By choosing one of the most experienced companies in Huntsville you get to leverage off of the best of the best in equipment & crew.

We enjoy a large clientele of satisfied repeat customers, which is something that speaks for itself. Customer reviews, testimonials and ratings consistently place us as the best tree service in the area. Become one of our happy customers today and find out for yourself.