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Emergency Tree Service in Huntsville, Alabama


Every once in awhile, disasters strike and we are left dealing with failed branches or fallen trees after a wind storm or other damaging weather, you need emergency tree service asap.  At Huntsville Tree Service, we are proud of our reputation for dealing with customers fairly and honestly in these tough situations.  Over the 25 years we have been in the industry, we have heard our share of stories about predatory pricing and scheduling issues with other tree service companies in Alabama.
We are happy to say that we always have and always will treat customers as family when they are in need of emergency tree service in Huntsville, AL.

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Priority Scheduling
We know that a fallen tree or failed branch can bring a household or a commercial business to a standstill in some situations.  After a tornado or windstorm has caused tree damage in the area, we suspend our regular schedule to accommodate the needs of our customers.  We believe emergency tree cleanup in Huntsville, AL should always be performed promptly.  Our crews arrive as soon as possible and we keep our promises when scheduling.

Fast Cleanups and Removals
Our company has been in the industry for 25 years and our team of arborists averages around 12 years of tree service experience for every employee.  The level of expertise we enjoy enables us to do emergency cleanups and emergency tree removals in Huntsville, AL faster than our competition can.  We clear up emergencies as quickly as safety and work quality will allow.

Competitive Pricing
We’ve said it before- Emergency tree cleanups in Huntsville, AL are not an excuse to take advantage of customers who are in need.  Our emergency tree service pricing remains competitive.
Professionally Licensed and Insured
Huntsville, AL emergency tree removals often involve adverse or hazardous work conditions.  Things like downed power lines, damaged cars or weakened branches can make things dangerous for our employees.  This is just part of the reason that tree service is statistically the second most dangerous line of work in America, next to crab fishing.
Huntsville Tree Service is fully licensed and insured as a business, which eliminates liability for our customers.  All of our employees have been fully trained to operate all of our equipment and work in any emergency conditions that arise.  Our company meets and in some cases exceeds the industry standards set by the ISA and the National Arborist Society.
Emergency Prevention Service

In almost every case, tree emergencies can be prevented by regular tree maintenance.  We offer a variety of tree cutting, trimming and pruning services that can promote safety and tree health on your property.  These simple and quick services can drastically reduce the potential of a tree emergency.  The costs and convenience involved are also much more manageable.

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Huntsville Tree Service offers emergency tree removals, emergency tree cleanups and storm damage recovery in Huntsville, AL and the surrounding area.  We serve the 35741, 35756, 35757, 35758, 35759, 35801, 35802, 35808, 35810 and 35811 zip codes.  If your home or business is in the Huntsville, AL vicinity and you do not see your zip code listed, give us a call anyhow and we can

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